Document generating

Create your own, custom-made form of a document in a simple and easy way. Provide data in an excel file format or through API and next the docs will be generated for you ready to download!


ArthurDoc is a tool for mass generation of business documents, which have been used for over 10 years in many companies with an average of  about 1,6 mln documents per year generated in over 250 different docs forms.

How it works?

ArthurDOC is intuitive and simple to use

  • Prepare a form and define input data
  • Enter the data (Excel, CSV,JSON,XML)
  • Download the files which are ready and enjoy the documents

This is how you save plenty of your precious time!

ArthurDOC not only handles simple forms but it also is able to:

  • deal with conditional instructions
  • fill the forms where the numbers of rows undergo dynamic changes
  • format values
  • change values into text
  • generate the barcodes
  • and many more


ArthurDoc Trial


first month

  • 1 template
  • 3 tasks/month
  • 50 records/task
  • 1 user

ArthurDoc Pro



  • 5 templates
  • 10 tasks/month
  • 300 records/task
  • 2 users

ArthurDoc Premium



  • 10 templates
  • 30 tasks/month
  • 1000 records/task
  • 10 users

ArthurDoc Enterprise

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  • unlimited number of:
  • templates
  • tasks, records
  • users


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